The Ambassador Council composes of business leaders who generously give their time as member volunteers dedicated to educating and informing members about the Chamber’s vast programs, services, and benefits by encouraging members to take full advantage of these services. Ambassadors accumulate points at the end of each month by attending events, encouraging member involvement, and volunteering at various Chamber-hosted events. The Ambassador with the most points by the end of each month is awarded Ambassador of the Month.

Andy Padilla III of AP3 Personal Training, a Chamber member since February 2023, has been awarded Ambassador of the Month for July 2023!

Andy is a Peak Fitness Strategist, Private In-Home Personal Trainer & Remote Fitness Coach. Ultimately, he helps create solutions for busy executives to get in the best shape of their lives by any means possible. Sometimes that’s by creating a custom fitness plan for a client to execute on their own. Other times, it’s by providing private in-home personal training or remote fitness coaching. Andy has been doing this for 11 years.

As an All-American Marathoner and with an extensive educational background, it was quite seamless to start fitness training individuals at a local gym which then turned into his own private practice. What sets Andy apart is that he travels to his clients which eliminates the commute to and from the gym for the client. He is now starting to move his in-home fitness business portion into Orange County.

Andy’s ideal client is a busy executive who is ready for a big transformation – physically and mentally. This is for someone who not only wants to change but needs to change and who is coachable. This person usually wants to lose body fat but maintain or increase muscle throughout their program.

Andy has been an Ambassador for little over a month and already has increased his involvement with the Chamber community. His favorite part about being an Ambassador is the connections within the group and the business outreach. He enjoys talking to new business owners about the opportunities of joining the chamber and opening a dialogue where he can be of service to them.

His favorite events are the Sunset Mixers and the Networking Luncheons: “The Sunset Mixers are great events to connect with people in a more casual setting, whereas the Networking Luncheons provide a more intimate setting that allows for a more in-depth connection within your table.”

Congratulations Andy on Ambassador of the Month!

July 1-31, 2023