History Of The Chamber


On August 21, 1906, the City of Newport Beach had its beginnings when the three small communities of Newport, East Newport, and Balboa voted to incorporate as the City of Newport Beach. Everyone agreed that the principal asset was the underdeveloped Newport Bay. Knowing of Newport’s former days as a shipping port, they began to think about the commercial possibilities of the harbor.

On March 12, 1907, sixteen men calling themselves the “Harbor Boosters” established the Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce. Each man contributed five dollars to cover the initial expenses of the first commercial body formed in the city.

When the final reclamation of the bay was complete thirty years later in 1936 nearly all of the founding members were gone, but many of them devoted their lives to the creation of Newport Harbor. Through its life, the Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce has played an active part in fostering the various improvement measures, which have contributed to the harbor community of today. Not only did it concern itself with the harbor, industrial and municipal matters, but it also initiated and sponsored the various celebrations and civic events of diverse kinds which are essential to the social fabric of our community.

For a period of eight years, from 1919 to 1927, there existed two chambers, Balboa and Newport Beach. In 1927, the chambers merged into the Newport Harbor Chamber of Commerce. The city was divided into six districts, each of which was entitled to two directors on the board of twelve. These sections were: 1) Newport Heights and West Newport, 2) Newport Beach, 3) East Newport, 4) Balboa, 5) Balboa Island, and 6) Corona del Mar.

As the city grew, so did the Chamber of Commerce. In 1976, the word “area” was added to the name to better reflect the character of the surrounding communities, which composed the membership. In the same year, the Newport Harbor Area Chamber of Commerce reached a significant milestone when it moved into its new headquarters building of 10,000 square feet at 1470 Jamboree Road. Today, the Chamber is located in its present location at 4343 Von Karman Ave., Ste. 150.

In 2001 the Chamber’s official name was changed to the Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce to better reflect the marketability of the Newport Beach name for its members. Today, the Newport Beach Chamber, which started modestly with only 16 Charter members, has grown to over 700 members, representing a cross-section of the harbor area, and is one of the largest regional Chambers in Orange County. However numbers alone cannot measure the success of the Chamber. It is the quality and dedication of the individual members who, working together as a team, make major contributions- not only to preserve and advance the free enterprise system, but also to improve the quality of life in the community.


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