Business Profile

Business Climate

Newport Beach features several bustling areas of business. Each area—or “village”—has its own distinct ambiance and character. From a day of shopping along Pacific Coast Highway to a night of fine dining on the Harbor, each village is as unique as its businesses. With over 17,000 businesses actively licensed in the city, the diversity of our city’s retail, restaurant and hotel offerings is sure to satisfy even the most distinguishing tastes.


Small Business Development

The Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce is proud to provide assistance to our local small businesses. Whether you are an established business or new to the area, we can help steer you on a path to success.

A community-based organization in operation since 1907, the Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce has strong ties to the City of Newport Beach. Whether you are filing for permits, expanding your business or developing a stronger client base, we can offer our support.

We also have a database of member businesses offering an array of services that can be of use to you and your business. If you need legal, payroll, medical, real estate, human resource, marketing, advertising or printing services, there is a Chamber member who can assist you with your goals.

It is easy to connect with our member businesses—simply refer to this directory or visit our website at With over 30,000 visitors to the Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce website each month, our online membership directory is a valuable tool for both our membership and the community.

Real Estate Opportunities

If you’re looking for an office space, retail space or single family home, Newport Beach has numerous properties to offer both business people and residents. From the Pacific Ocean to the Back Bay, our city provides not only a beautiful backdrop for your home or business, but a sense of community that is second to none.

With recent annexations to Newport Beach (Newport Coast and Santa Ana Heights) our city continues to grow. The continual drive to improve and re-invest in our business and residential properties, as well as the quality of our development, is what earmarks the City of Newport Beach as one of the premiere destinations for visitors, residents and business people.

The quality of life, coupled with the quality of housing our city has to offer, is why people from around the country—and the world—choose to establish themselves in Newport Beach.