Citizen Of The Year Award

The Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce presents two categories of awards each year to deserving citizens of Newport Beach.

The Newport Beach Citizen of the Year Award is presented to that individual who best represents the qualities each of us admire and respect among our friends, neighbors and associates.

It’s not given so much for achievement, as it is for helping others achieve.

It’s not given for outstanding single effort, as much as for long-term, continuing commitment to the community.

It’s not given for position, public or private, as it is for “being there” when there is service called for.

It’s not given so much for being a member, or for paying dues, or for financial contribution, as it is for being the one everybody wants on the Committee when there’s a job to be done.

It’s for the one who says, “Sure – I’ll help – what do we need to do?” And then does it.

And it’s for the one who says, “Newport Beach is my home – and my life – and its future and mine are the same – and whatever I can do to make them better, I will do.

Citizen of the Year Award Recipients

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