Newport Beach-based company Elevaso Tequila is uniting premium tequila lovers with their community. Launched on May 5, 2019, the company has already received recognition from its consumers for its great taste and commitment to charity.

Elevaso Tequila crafts small-batch ultra-premium extra-añejo tequila in Jalisco, Mexico. After undergoing a triple distillation process (most tequilas are only distilled twice as per the law), the the tequila is aged for 5+ years in new French Oak and lightly-used Irish Whiskey barrels, infusing the tequila with notes of oak, caramel, and vanilla. Elevaso Tequila’s flavor and smoothness rivals the finest whiskeys.

But it’s more than a great-tasting tequila.

CEO Ross Elgart looks at the company as a platform for charitable giving. A long-time connoisseur of premium tequilas himself, Ross wants people to feel good when they drink Elevaso Tequila. It’s more than just having a good time with friends and family, it’s about doing good in your community. His vision of “Good Times. Good Causes. GREAT TEQUILA!” creates a unique opportunity for people to enjoy unique tequila responsibly with friends and family while supporting local charities.

Since Elevaso Tequila’s launch, the company has partnered with two Orange County-based charities and looks forward to continuing its charity work. Elgart pledges to donate no less than $25,000 from sales of the inaugural batch to local charities.

Raise a glass of Elevaso Tequila.