Santa Ana – The historic Ebell Clubhouse will be the site of an Oct. 19 celebration to mark the organization’s 125th anniversary. Members and guests are invited to join the festivities between 2 and 6 p.m. that will take them to rooms throughout the historic building at 625 French Street in Santa Ana.
The festivities will begin in the Courtyard Garden with hors d’oeurves and beverages. Preferred Blend, a roving quartet, will serenade attendees as they make their way to the Peacock Banquet Hall, where a chronology of the Ebell Society’s 125-year history will be displayed.
Also there are 10 educational and cultural sections to which members belong. Each section will host an exhibit in the Banquet Hall to highlight their respective areas of interest, including antiques, bridge, genealogy, quilting, home and garden, literature and the arts.
The final event will take place in the state-of-the-art 450-seat theater for a program featuring entertainment by the Santa Ana KidSingers as well as presentations by local dignitaries.
The society was founded in 1894 to provide social, cultural and educational opportunities for members. The Ebell Society also provides philanthropic support to WISEPlace Women’s Shelter and The Friendly Center of Orange County. The Club also provides their own Color Guard to participate in patriotic observances in the community throughout the year.


 In 1876, Dr. Adrian Ebell conceived of the Ebell Society in Oakland California to provide educational and social activities to enhance and broaden the minds of women of that era.
 The motto of Ebell is “That is only true living which is ever learning.”
 Mrs. W.S. (Franklina) Bartlett established the Ebell Society of Santa Ana Valley in 1894 and was its first president.
 Prior to the erection of the current clubhouse, the members met in members’ homes and then in the facilities of other organizations.
 Designed in 1924 by Fredrick Eley, one of Orange County’s best-known architects, the current 12,400-square-foot clubhouse houses a banquet hall, a 450-seat theater, a Fireside Lounge, dinette, card room, and other quarters.
 The 95-year-old Mediterranean-design building, which is included on the National Register of Historic Places, underwent a restoration last year and is a popular location for weddings, receptions and various celebrations plus corporate meetings and luncheons.
 In the early 1900s, featured Ebell Club speakers included: Helen Keller; Will Rogers; Jack London’s daughter, Joan London; and Chief Standing Bear of the Sioux Indian Tribe. These highly well-known people helped to raise money to build the Ebell building.
 Ebell members ran a nursery for working women’s children for almost 35 years, made bandages and sold Liberty Bonds during World War I and held blood drives during World War II.
 Throughout the years, Ebell has made philanthropy and community service an important part of its activities.
 The Ebell Society’s current sections include Climbing Your Family Tree, Travel and Book Review, along with Bridge, Quilting and Gardening.
 The Club’s current president is Betts Rivét, Ph.D. who retired from the Santa Ana school system and then taught English in a women’s college in China for 19 years.
Parking for the event is available in the Club’s private lot at 718 Mortimer Street.
For additional information, call 714 547-6331 and visit