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Expires: December 22, 2019

Dr. Monica Scott is a Chiropractor, Functional Medicine practitioner, and Theta Healer supporting people to maintain an overall feeling of VITALITY in every way.

Chiropractic alignments help people feel amazing.

Years of discomfort can dissipate with the power of chiropractic by tapping into the power that made the body. This allows the body to heal from the inside – out!

Nutritional support gives people the energy to spring through life energetically and with purpose. 

Theta Healing helps people to lift stress from the body, mind and heart and is an excellent tool for personal growth and transformation. It identifies emotional stress from the past that is holding someone back, and clears it so that moving forward and achieving goals is way easier and more fun.


What are your body and health goals?
What would your life look like with a substantial jump in your feeling of overall VITALITY?

Whatever your goals are, Dr. Monica offers personalized packages
and options to support you to live the life you desire.

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