Remote Working

Remote working may be a good option for you or your workforce. If your employees work on computers, this technology will give them the ability to work from home on a remote computer or device and have access to their work computer resources. Some businesses may have not used this technology before. The following members can assist with remote working for you and your employees.

Advantech IT Solutions
Michael Schmid
(800) 816-8389

CMIT Solutions
Diaa Youssef
(949) 653-1693

Cybertrust IT Solutions
Doug Johnson
(949) 888-2600

The Inter Connect Network
Marcus McKee
(949) 340-7542

R&D Computer Services
Jon Rosansky
(949) 689-9704

LKBM Technologies
Carlos Tejada
(949) 245-6964

Casey Callinsky
(509) 387-0195