The Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce announced today its positions on the Ballot Propositions appearing on the June 5th election ballot.  The Ballot Propositions were vetted by the Chamber’s Government Affairs Committee and its recommendations were approved by the Chamber’s Executive Committee.  The Chamber encourages all voters to become educated on these important measures and to vote by mail or at the polls on election day.


Water Parks / Bonds


The Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce has declined to support the issuance of Bonds to fund the enumerated projects because it adds to the State’s already overblown debt and burdens taxpayers with 40 years of payments to support projects that should be funded by existing tax revenue. If the Governor and the Legislature deemed these projects important enough, they can use the current 9 billion dollar budget surplus to fund them.


Motor Vehicle Fees – Taxes to Transportation Purposes


The Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce supports the restriction of the use of Senate Bill 1 (SB1) taxes and fees for the sole purpose for which it was intended which is transportation projects. A yes vote will preclude the diversion of the anticipated 5 billion dollars a year in SB1 tax and fee revenue to non-transportation related General Fund expenditures.


Cap & Trade Revenue Spending Approval


The Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce endorses the requirement for a 2/3 vote of both houses of the California State Legislature for a plan to disburse the Cap & Trade revenues generated by the State starting in 2024.  This will promote bi-partisanship in the spending of these funds.


Ballot Measures – Effective Date


The Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce recognizes that the process of casting ballots has significantly changed over the years and that absentee ballots now constitute a significant and growing percentage of ballots cast in an election.  Requiring that Ballot propositions not become law until 5 days after the Secretary of State certifies the vote unless otherwise stated in the Ballot proposition would prevent laws coming into effect before all votes have been counted.


Rainwater Capture System Exclusion from Property Tax Reassessment


The Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce believes that Californians that want to invest in rainwater capture systems should not be discouraged from doing so because their property tax would increase as a result.  This exclusion would be supportive of the goal to increase water supplies in the State.