In response to the global health crisis, Goodwill of Orange County has temporarily closed all of its store and donation sites until it is safe for employees and customers to reopen. Even with these closures, many in our community are still dropping off bags, boxes, sometimes truck loads, of donations to these sites. With the rainy weather and pilfering, many of these donations will no longer be viable for reselling and become trash that Goodwill has to simply take to the landfill.

Our plea is simple during this time: please hang on to your donations until we reopen.

We know many people are using this time at home to clean out their closets and organize their garages. We ask that you please hang on to your unwanted goods for us – we will need your donations more than ever when we reopen. These donations provide the revenue that funds our mission and our life-changing workforce development programs.

For more ways to support Goodwill during the COVID-19 crisis, visit


Goodwill of Orange County

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