Date(s) - 10/28/2017
1:30 pm - 4:00 pm


Newport Beach Civic Center
100 Civic Center Drive
Newport Beach, CA 92660


The Newport Beach City Arts Commission will hold a grand opening celebration for the third phase of the Sculpture in the Civic Center Park Exhibition on Saturday, October 28 from 1:30 – 4 p.m. at the Newport Beach Civic Center, 100 Civic Center Drive, Newport Beach.

The event will celebrate the addition of nine new sculptures to the Sculpture in the Civic Center Park Exhibition. A short program will be held in Council Chambers with a reception following.  Some of the artists will be on hand to talk about their artwork and visitors will be able to take a walking tour of the sculptures. Special art activities for children will be presented by the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity.

The 14-acre Newport Beach Civic Center Park was specially designed by renowned landscape architect Peter Walker as an intended sculpture garden. Arts Orange County provided professional services for the coordination of the artist selection and installation of the sculptures. The nine new sculptures were selected from submissions received by a national call for entries based on their artistic merit, durability, practicality and site appropriateness. They are being installed October 23-26 and will remain at the Civic Center Park until Summer 2019.  The nine sculptures are as follows: Burnt Matchstick by Karl Unnasch, Flight by Steven Rieman, Popsicles by Craig Gray, Be Still and Know by John Merigian, No Swimming by Oleg Lobykin, Cosmic Glints by Patricia Vader, Getting Your Bearings by David Boyer, Cultural Pedestrians by Sue Quinlan, and Life is a Balancing Act by Cindy Debold.

For more information on the event or exhibition, go to, under Sculpture in Civic Center Park or contact the Cultural Arts Services Office at (949) 717-3808.



  1. Burnt Matchstick

Artist: Karl Unnasch

Physically inspired by radio tower design, this 40-foot sculpture, with its soft-glowing beacon and slow flicker, captures a fleeting moment in time: the split-second after a burning wooden matchstick has been extinguished by a gust of air. Varying combinations of amber, black, blue and white domestic opalescent glass aggregate in a multi-planar fashion in the construction of this larger-than-life, seemingly innocuous object.

  1. Flight

Artist: Steven Rieman

The engaging stainless steel and bronze sculpture, Flight, captures an idea not a moment in time. According to the artist, the symbolic bird soaring through a ring of the sun represents a future of wonder with the random letters that cover its form questioning the human experience and how we impact our future.

  1. Popsicles

Artist: Craig Gray

This whimsical sculpture stacks three giant colorful popsicles in a pop art creation with a “feel good” attitude that fulfills the artist’s goal, ”to warm the creative soul and bring happiness to the heart.” Chosen as the favorite in a community survey, the steel, wood and stucco sculpture is covered in colorful epoxy that appears to be melting as it hits the warm concrete base.

  1. Be Still and Know

Artist: John Merigian

The simplicity of this giant welded steel figure invites viewers to pause and reflect. It exudes a contemplative, soulful emotion that fits well with the peaceful surroundings of the park. Its complexity of form lies in the relationship between space, lines, shadows and silhouettes as the movement of the crossing sun through the day reveals constantly changing shadows and linear components.

  1. No Swimming

Artist: Oleg Lobykin

This work was first seen at Burning Man 2008. According to the artist, this conceptual artwork represents deep concern about the impact of human activity and progress on nature.The massive shark’s dorsal fin is covered in shiny aluminum leaf and rises 12 feet out of the park landscape.

  1. Cosmic Glints

Artist: Patricia Vader

This kinetic wind-driven metal sculpture utilizes mostly upcycled materiaIs in its structure, including bicycle wheels and reflectors.  The wheel circle is held together by compression and the largest wheels are bolted to the central motorcycle rim. The smaller wheels spin freely. The colorful, playful sculpture captures the elements of its environment, utilizing the ocean breezes for movement and sparkling sunlight to create glints of light that bounce off the moving aluminum disks.

  1. Getting Your Bearings

Artist: David Boyer

Inspired by antique industrial artifacts that can be found in the historic areas of the Western United States, Getting Your Bearings is a kinetic wind sculpture that is monumental in size, whimsical in style, and antique in appearance. Three steel and stainless steel paddle wheels sit atop a massive steel base, trunk and branches, turn effortlessly  to create an overhead kaleidoscope of light and shadow.

  1. Cultural Pedestrians

Artist: Sue Quinlan

Cultural Pedestrians is a series of freestanding concrete and steel pieces that visually represent different cultures of past and present people from our society and others. The pieces are human-sized, with diverse faces, hands, and artifactual jewelry, illustrating the multifaceted compilation of smaller fragments of thoughts, experiences and aspirations.

  1. Life is a Balancing Act

Artist: Cindy Debold

Life is a Balancing Act, is a life size bronze sculpture of a young girl balancing on one foot, with her eyes closed. Standing on a rock is symbolic of a solid foundation and the closed eyes convey that life continually demands a degree of trust for it is always changing and we need to readjust to keep our balance.


The Newport Beach Arts Commission is part of the Cultural Arts Division of the Newport Beach Public Library and acts in an advisory capacity to the City Council on all matters pertaining to cultural arts in the City. It recommends to the City Council the adoption of such ordinances, rules and regulations as it may deem necessary for the administration and preservation of fine arts, performing arts, historical, aesthetic and cultural aspects of the community.

On behalf of the City, it actively encourages programs for the cultural enrichment of the community, including visual and performing arts activities such as the Arts Commission’s Concerts in the Parks series and Shakespeare by the Sea festivals, as well as arts education programs.

The Commission also participates in the designation of historical landmarks, and reviews design elements for public sculpture, fountains, murals, benches and other fixtures. Each year the City Arts Commission awards Cultural Arts Grants to local and regional arts organizations for creative learning activities and performances in schools, Oasis Senior Center, Newport Beach libraries and in public parks throughout the City.

For more information on the event or exhibition:, under Public Art or contact the Newport Beach Cultural Arts Services Office at (949) 717-3801.