Annette Walker, President of City of Hope Orange County, Honored Excellence in Executive Leadership Award

Annette Walker, president of City of Hope Orange County, was honored with an Excellence in Executive Leadership award in the category of growth at Cal State Fullerton’s Center for Leadership’s 10th Annual Leadership Awards on Friday. Annette was honored for leading the City of Hope’s expansion in Orange County. City of Hope is investing $1B in a cancer campus of the future in Irvine and a network of advanced cancer care. Lennar Foundation Cancer Center will open in 2022 and the county’s only hospital exclusively focused on treating and curing cancer is scheduled to open in 2025.

At the ceremony, Annette shared what it means to be a leader. “In my mind, each of us has the capacity to lead but it is a conscious decision to accept the role and its responsibilities. Don’t let your fear of failing to keep you from trying. It’s important to believe in what you are doing and to have a true passion or calling to the work. When you have that flame inside, no challenge is too tough.”

Other honorees were Sue Parks, Karl Kreutziger, Terry Giles, CHOC, Healthpeak Properties, and Northgate Gonzalez Market.