AAA Auto Club Special Offer, 50% OFF, 1 FREE Membership ONLY $51.50 for 2, total cost. – Valid for Newport Beach Chamber Members and their Employees…

Member: AAA Auto Club

Expires: December 31, 2023

Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce Members and their Employees AAA Auto Club Special Offer, 50% OFF, 1 FREE Membership ONLY $51.50 for 2, total cost.

The Auto Club wants you to have coverage on the Road & Savings when you need them the most.   Over $1000 in Roadside assistance Calls with your AAA memberships!

Only $
51.50 for two (2) AAA memberships, total for 1 year.  Call for assistance:    714.287.3471       

  • Receive a FREE membership and FREE ID Protection paid for by AAA with this offer.  2 for only $51.50
  • Your AAA membership has 100’s of discounts on restaurants, hotels, rental cars, automotive needs, entertainment, theme parks, movies, travel, insurance and more! 
  • Use the AAA Roadside assistance anywhere in the US. Receive (8) Roadside calls (4) per member,  include: Gas, Towing, Flat Tire & Battery assistance & Lock out services
    Discounts on LIFE, AUTO and Home Insurance . AAA was Ranked #1 in 2021        714.287.3471 for assistance

Name: Stephanie Clark - AAA Auto Club Business Agent
Phone: (714) 287-3471
Email Address: