57th Annual Sandcastle Contest

Commodores Award – Overall Best Creation
Plot: 2, Team: IB Possee Sandcarvers

People’s Choice Award – Best Creation
Plot: 18, Team: The Sandcrabs

Best Display of Theme
Plot: 11, Team: OCASA

Most Humorous Creation
Plot: 25, Team: Dixie

Junior Division – 1st Place
Plot: 10, Team: CHALK

Most Unique Sandcastle – 1st Place
Plot: 18, Team: The Sandcrabs

Most Unique Sandcastle – 2nd Place
Plot: 17, Team: Sand & Deliver

Most Unique Sandcastle – 3rd Place
Plot: 9, Team: Long Beach Ballers

Most Unique Sandsculpture – 1st Place
Plot: 1, Team: Doggie Walk Bags

Most Unique Sandsculpture – 2nd Place
Plot: 19, Team: Sandcrabs Too

Most Unique Sandsculpture – 3rd Place
Plot: 16, Team: Commercial Fire Protection

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