STOMP! VIP Launch Party


Date(s) - 03/15/2024
7:00 pm - 11:00 pm


Be Good Restaurant
300 Pacific Coast Hwy, #112
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
STOMP! VIP Launch Party

STOMP! VIP Launch Party

Join FentanylSolutions for an electrifying evening to kick off the STOMP! Fentanyl Event Series with their pre-show launch party. Featuring live entertainment from Freedom Aerial, Mikey Damato-Flair the famous Bartender and TikTok Star, and local vocalists and performers. Signature cocktails, mocktails, and exclusive VIP experiences. This event sets the stage for an impactful weekend dedicated to raising awareness and support for our cause to combat the fentanyl crisis across our nation.

Welcome to the STOMP! Fentanyl Event Series, a dynamic initiative aimed at combating the fentanyl crisis across our nation. Through a series of events presented by in collaboration with Todd Herschberg, we bring together diverse communities to raise awareness about the dangers of Fentanyl and support critical harm reduction initiatives, including a high-profile fashion show and an online auction, we seek to engage the public, reduce stigma associated with substance use, and empower individuals to make informed decisions about their health and well-being.

The event’s theme, “STOMP! Fentanyl,” suggests a bold and as ertive stance against the drug, emphasizing the need for collective action to combat its consequences. Through creative expressions on the runway, the fashion show intends to convey a powerful message about the urgency of addressing the fentanyl crisis while raising funds to support critical harm reduction initiatives. By combining the worlds of fashion and advocacy, and with support from local businesses, this event will increase the understanding and acceptance of harm reduction practices in which the Southern California region presently lacks.

This initiative seeks to make a powerful statement against the devastating impact of Fentanyl by bringing together designers, makeup artists, hairstylists, and fashion students for an exclusive event. This collaborative effort will not only showcase artistic skills but also amplify the message of harm reduction, destigmatization, and informed decision-making, echoing the values set forth in the principles of harm reduction. We are proud to take a stand as a leading nonprofit organization operating primarily in Southern California which is dedicated to addressing the devastating impact of Fentanyl and the broader opioid crisis. We are committed to education, advocacy, and evidence-based harm reduction strategies aimed at saving lives and fostering healthier communities.

Why We’re Raising Funds:
Through a series of events, including a pre-show launch party and a high-profile fashion show, we seek to raise vital funds to support harm reduction initiatives and expand access to life-saving resources across the region. From education and advocacy to the distribution of life-saving supplies like Narcan Nasal Spray, every dollar raised contributes to our mission of saving lives and reducing the negative impact of the opioid epidemic on our communities.

Join Us in Making a Difference:
With your support, we can STOMP! out Fentanyl across Southern California and build a safer, healthier future. Your support at the STOMP! Fentanyl Event Series is not just an investment in our cause; it’s a commitment to saving lives and making a lasting impact in our communities. We look forward to seeing you there!