Mental Wellness Workshop


Date(s) - 07/27/2019
10:00 am - 6:00 pm


Priestly Family Chiropractic
3 Corporate Plaza Dr. Suite 200
Newport Beach , CA 92660
Mental Wellness Workshop

Why Your Mental Health Is Important

The brain is a complicated organ, and there are many facets to the way it works that we still don’t understand. When it comes to mental health, there are many myths, stigmas, and misconceptions that need to be addressed, because so many people live with mental health conditions.

The decline in mental health among young people, in particular, has notably increased since the beginning of the 20th century, with the likes of the so-called ‘age of technology’ and other substantial societal changes poorly impacting the general psyche and sense of wellbeing.

Understanding triggers, root causes, and emotional imbalances can help you implement strategies to maintain your mental health as well as better understand and empathize with the realities of those around you.

During this event, I’ll discuss some of the underlying reasons why people develop mental health issues, and also outline some effective strategies to prevent their onset.

The goal for Mental Wellness on Saturday, July 27th is to help you and your loved ones begin to acknowledge the importance of maintaining good mental health.

Debunking Myths About Mental Illness and Recovery

In addition to the stigma associated with mental health issues, there are many misconceptions about the various ways it can manifest and how to treat it. The truth is that there are as many variations of mental illnesses, as there are people who suffer from them.

The best way to address mental illness is by looking at each person and illness individually to determine what has contributed to its development. Contributing factors can include (but are not limited to):

  • Environment and upbringing
  • Genetic inclination
  • Lack of emotional intelligence
  • Poor nutrition
  • Unhealthy lifestyle

Just like physical health, absolutely everyone maintains a certain level of mental health, which fluctuates over a lifetime and is easily influenced by events, emotions, and experiences. When an individual begins to demonstrate signs of poor mental health, it typically comes as a result of an imbalance or disturbance in some area of their emotional or personal life – these events come to be known as ‘triggers’. However mental health issues are not as straightforward as that. Due to their unpredictable nature, there are numerous factors which can impact their development and severity.

Removing The Stigma Through Awareness

While medication and pharmaceutical drugs may work for some people and have been proven to improve symptoms of various disorders significantly, it’s also crucial for the individual to gain clarity and understanding regarding the ‘why’ of their disorder. This means implementing introspection and self-development work alongside traditional therapy.

Our society is more fast-paced and distracting than ever before, which is why I believe that everyone is at risk of developing a mental health issue. That’s why I feel it’s vital to spread awareness on what to look for and how to treat imbalances before they become overwhelming.

I am passionate about sharing this topic, and I believe it’s a fundamental human right to understand your mental and emotional landscape as much as we do our physical one.

If you or someone you love deserves this chance to become a little more informed regarding why mental health is so important, then join us and our speaker Darryl Nguyen for Mental Wellness and get to know yourself a little better!

I Can’t Wait For You To Join Us On Saturday, July 27th At 10:00 am PDT!