Honoring “Dangerous Dom” – Owner of MPP Security & Bodyguards


Date(s) - 02/10/2024
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Honoring "Dangerous Dom" - Owner of MPP Security & Bodyguards

Dangerous Dom”, owner of MPP Security & Bodyguards, a veteran company, passed away on August 11, 2023. Since 1990, Dom Menaldi has been known as the “World’s Greatest Bodyguard”. Some individuals know him for saving 1000 lives. Others know him for wrestling bears. Dominic was known for being active and served Orange County, California to the best of his abilities. It was his passion for protecting and serving others. Dominic was extremely patriotic and built his MPP Security & Bodyguards to serve people the American way. He believed that everyone should live safe and happy.

Dominic was a true entertainer at heart. Born and raised in Youngstown, he later moved to California. There he was known as the “Bear Wrestler”. In 1988, Dominic fought Samson, a 750 lb. bear in Abilene, Texas. Then in 1992, Dom challenged Dakota 801 lb. famous bear at Hollywood Casino. His Castle House earned him “Castleman”. He was a true friend, mentor, and animated personality. His love of gold can still be seen in the guards of MPP Security & Bodyguards.

As a memorial for Dom Menaldi, MPP Security & Bodyguards will be hosting a Ultimate Bodyguard Championship on February 11. 2024 to inherit the title of World’s Best Bodyguard only available on IPPV.com

Contact Art Menaldi at (909) 844-2886 for more information…