The City Council approved an emergency ordinance that allows commercial businesses and religious institutions to expand into parking lots, sidewalks, or other private and public property to meet State of California physical distancing requirements.

Under an emergency temporary use permit process, the City will allow businesses to use parking areas and other property for expanded outdoor dining, retail, and other commercial business activities, as well as religious services, in a manner that provides adequate distancing. Approved businesses will be allowed to use temporary banners to promote their services.

What may be permitted?

  1. Safe spaces for “curbside” pick-up
  2. Take-out windows
  3. Outdoor space for business uses
  4. Extended banner permit approvals
  5. Expanded seating areas for religious institutions
  6. Other uses or physical modifications to business locations

To qualify for a temporary use permit, applicants must demonstrate:

  • ADA accessibility
  • Safe circulation and queuing for drivers and pedestrians
  • Compliance with existing restaurant occupancy limitations, hours of operation, and restrictions on alcohol usage
  • Delineation of outdoor dining spaces with physical barriers or markers
  • Adequate parking
  • That the temporary use would not create any hazard to the health, safety, or welfare of the public
  • That state guidelines for physical distancing are utilized and practiced

The “Fast Track Back to Business Initiative” was proposed by a City Council Ad Hoc Committee, comprised of Mayor Will O’Neill and Council members Diane Dixon and Kevin Muldoon, that has been meeting with local business leaders to explore ways to safely expedite Newport Beach’s business reopening.

The emergency temporary use permits will expire 14 days after the City’s COVID-19 emergency ordinance is lifted.

Steve: More information and the application is available on the City website –

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