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18565 Jamboree Road., Ste 200
Irvine CA , 92614
Phone:  9494171396
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Shopoff Realty Investments is a real estate investment firm specializing in offering qualified clients diversified long-term investment opportunities that can be used to create a customized portfolio consistent with their unique financial profiles and goals. Our clients comprise a wide range of investors and joint venture partners that includes banks, developers, builders, high-net-worth individuals, and the public in general. Shopoff Realty Investments provides access to a broad spectrum of investment products and opportunities with the potential for high returns, including residential, multi-family, commercial and retail properties, mortgage banking products, and real estate investment trusts. For more than 25 years our firm has been known for its dedication to personal integrity, operational transparency, industry expertise and our total commitment to the success of our investors.

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Mr. Brian Rupp
Mr. Bill Shopoff