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20072 SW Birch St., STE 210
Newport Beach CA , 92660
Phone:  9493399084
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Redefyne MD is a premier aesthetics and anti-aging medical spa with treatments including Botox, dermal fillers, and light & laser therapies like RF microneedling, IPL therapy/photofacial and laser hair removal and skin care products to help enhance facial rejuvenation. Dr. Ratnaja Katneni is a double board certified internal medicine and nephrology physician trained in aesthetic medicine consulting and administering treatments tailored to individual clients. Dr. Katneni is also a member of Hoag hospital Newport beach and Irvine and has been practicing medicine for 19 years.

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Medical > Medical Rejuvenation Center

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Ms. Angie Bernudiz
Dr. Ratnaja Katneni MD