Newport Mesa Unified School District

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2985 Bear Street
Costa Mesa CA , 92626
Phone:  7144245000
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The District covers 58.83 square miles and includes the cities of Newport Beach and Costa Mesa as well as other unincorporated areas. Serves Kindergarten through twelfth grades (K-12). Currently, there are twenty-one elementary schools (with one more under construction -Newport Coast Elementary School), two intermediate schools, four high schools, one alternative education center, and one adult education center in the District. The District currently serves 21,138 students.

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Ms. Ashley Anderson
Dr. Hank Bangser
Ms. Michelle Barto
Mr. John Drake
Ms. Martha Fluor
Mr. Timothy Holcomb
Ms. Sara Jocham
Ms. Charlene Metoyer
Ms. Leona Olson
Wesley Smith
Ms. Vicki Snell
Ms. Karen Yelsey