LabTech Supply Company, Inc.

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3209 West Warner Avenue
Santa Ana CA , 92704
Phone:  9519921200
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LabTech Supply Company, Inc® is based in Newport Beach, CA and is in the business of selling laboratory and industrial furniture. We market to the following industries; Biotech/Research, Industrial, Government, Healthcare, Technology, Education. Retail/Foodservice, and Manufacturing. Our steel furniture such as tables, carts, workstations, and cabinetry is manufactured in Santa Ana. We're also a supplier for chemical resistant worksurfaces such as phenolic & epoxy resin countertops and offer other such worktops like stainless steel , butcher block, plastic laminate along with ESD applications. LabTech offers a variety of chairs, lab fixtures, fume hoods, and fume extraction systems to help complete a lab. Design and installation is available as we're a "Concept to Completion" company.

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Retail > Furniture

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Mr. Diego Diaz
Mr. Jeremy Lopez
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