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496 Old Newport Blvd., Suite 7
Newport Beach CA , 92663
Phone:  9495154673
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The Cancer Research and Life foundation is a non-profit ( 501C3), established in 2015, to provide meaningful and unique opportunities to cancer patients through immediate access to cutting edge information, education, guidance, and access to scientific research-based treatments, and beyond. The foundation has supported hundreds of patients since its formation with life-saving support, both financially and logistically. Some of these patients with advanced refractory cancer, who had no other hope, yet were able to access life-saving therapies through cancer Research and Life Foundation support. This foundation is operating mostly on volunteers' contributions and donations coming from patients, their families, and the community who supports them.

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Mr. Carlos Espino
Mr. Marko Mijat
Ms. Jayne Moats
Dr. M Nezami
Ms. Luz Prado