20% discount on all our labor rates for Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce Members and Companies

Member: Bays Environmental Remediation Management

Expires: September 11, 2017

Bays Environmental will discount our rates for 20% for the members of Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce. We will give the discount over our already low rates as compared to many comparable organizations. For example a typical Phase I site investigation runs from $3750 to $5500 for a single parcel property. Whatever the price we give you, we will discount our labor rates 20% during billing. If we agreed for the $3750 price your bill will be discounted up to $750 We will also provide you our typical rate schedule with the discount shown. All estimates and proposal will be provided on our standard rate. The 20% labor discount will be given at the invoice time.

Mehmet Pehlivan Bays Environmental Remediation Management 4540 Campus Drive, Suite 127 Newport Beach, CA 92660 mp@baysgrp.com -- 714-719-6854

Name: Mehmet Pehlivan
Phone: 714-719-6854
Website: www.baysgrp.com
Email Address: mp@baysgrp.com